It was love at first sight.  I still remember the very first Excel spreadsheet I made, at age 10 on a 2 feet deep Dell monitor still playing dial tones to connect to the internet.

But maybe you’re not such a big fan of ledgers, charts of accounts, debits, credits, spreadsheets, and all things accounting.  If you’re starting or running your own business, I’d love to help get and keep your books in tip top shape!

I have a unique understanding of the challenges that entrepreneurs face and can turn your pile of file folders (physical or virtual) into actionable reports and tax-ready accounts

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I found Chloe to be a highly functioning professional who is creative, reliable, humble, articulate, and winsome. I give Chloe my highest recommendation.

Lee Wishing, VP for Student Recruitment at Grove City College

“Standout” is the word that comes to mind when I think of Chloe.   She has a remarkable work ethic, was able to meet deadlines quickly, and works independently. Chloe would be an asset to any team!

Anna Haggard

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