Senior Year Bucket List

3df10m_bucketPlanners, colored pens, thumbdrives, color-coded folders, notebooks, and binders. Nothing could make me happier. The organization and schedule of school was calling me and I was very excited for school to start….until five days ago. That was the day that I went to school for a NHS meeting and registration. After spending four hours in that building, my spirit yearned to be free once again. (Sidenote: While I’m really bored at school, I pretend that I can seperate my spirit from my body and while my body is slowly dying from boredom, I pretend that my spirit is having a grand ole time) So, in order to rejuvinate my excitement for senior year, my MJL and I decided to make a senior year bucket list. That is, a list of things we wish to do before senior year is over. While bucket list often signifies death, nothing could be farther from the truth. We plan on emerging victorious from senior year, with not only diplomas in our hands and caps on our heads, but also the deed to the entire territory of Canada (the 51st state). Overthrowing the Candaian governement is one of the items on our bucket list. Others include: thai food outings, lunch box exchange days, and making a music mash-up. If you have other brilliant ideas as to what we should do this year, please leave a comment. If it is within the laws of physics and Canada, we will attempt to do it and I will report back on its success. I hope all have a wonderful school year doing new and interesting things.

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