Theory #1

Throughout last year, I came up with five theories about life. I believe these theories can relate to anyone’s life but you may disagree. That’s nice. So, the next five posts will be in a series about these theories. So, without further rambling:

The real reason behind the beauty, innocence, and wonder of childhood. NOTE: If you had a horrible childhood, please stop reading. This does not apply to you. Oh, and I’m very sorry. I hope the rest of your life is better.
When I was young, I lived in an entirely different world. This is why I saw things differently. Time never seemed to run out because the clocks and I were friends. Really, I used to talk to all the clocks in my house. I even tried to arrange a marriage between the two of them. The world wasn’t depressing because I had no idea what was going on. ever. My comprehension of words, emotions, actions was incredibly limited. Relationships weren’t ever stressful because my mom arranged playdates for me. I didn’t have to worry about who was hanging out with who. My best friends were inanimate objects like my scooter or a plastic bag and piece of string (aka sweet homemade kite). I wasn’t ever bored because everything was new. There was so much to learn and experience. I could create a game with absolutely nothing. I wasn’t insecure because I didn’t know enough to ever think that there might be something about myself that wasn’t completely awesome.
Once in a while, I wish I could switch back to that time. I realize now that my happiness as a child had nothing to do with my age. It had everything to do with how I viewed the world. And sometimes, if I imagine very hard I can go back. It’s beautiful.

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