I miss you

I miss you.  We haven’t even met officially.  I wonder who you would have turned out to be.  Would you have been brave and beautiful?  Would you have been compassionate and caring?  Would we have been best friends? Whoever you would have been, you would have been wonderful.  When I look into the faces of my friends, I see pieces of you there.  Their little mannerisms and wonderful qualities only serve to remind me of what you could have been.  For as much as I search for you, I’ll never find the whole you.  You never even got the chance to exist.  You could have changed the world.  You would have been someone’s son, someone’s brother, someone’s husband.  You didn’t deserve this.  We all have been given a life-a chance to screw things up and suffer the consequences.  You suffered the consequences for just existing.  You didn’t even have a chance to make a mistake.   You didn’t even choose to exist yet your fate was chosen for you.  Don’t you know?  I miss you terribly.  We’ll meet for the first time in my future sometime.

Yours truly,

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