Tick Tock

This post is over a year in the making.  Having said that, don’t expect it to be great.  I’m just done waiting for it be better before I write it.
I’ve always wanted to write about time.  Time fascinates me.  It is cursed and blessed in the same breath.  It is the one constant in our life and instead of being thankful for this smigeon of stability we either want it to go faster or slow down.

This is what I love about time: it doesn’t listen to our unfounded whims.  It continues to march on at the same pace no matter what our feelings are regarding it.  On some nights, when friends are happy, and I’m exhausted from dancing, and the world is full of rainbows and chocolate chip cookies, we beg for time to just pause.  Give us a breath to soak in life.

Then there are the nights when the world is ending.  You have been smashed by life and being broken has become a way of existence.  All you want is to be able to catch a breath.  It is on nights like these that we are so grateful that the seconds keep ticking by because it means that at least something moves on and maybe we can too.

At this point of my life, the days are extremely long.  It might be a result of my tendency to be a night owl combined with 8 oclock classes so I really am awake for a good portion of the day or that there is so much to do and experience that it seems inconievable that everything fits into 24 hours.  Yet the weeks fly by.  I’ve finished the first three months of college but it feels like summer just ended yestersday.

The amazing people I have met.
The oppurtunities that continue to amaze and excite me.
Warm blankets and hot coffee.
The friends and family that I have to come home to.
Amazing roommates that make sure I don’t accidently hurt myself beyond repair.
A beautiful place to live and learn.
A loving God who is constant and faithful.
Peace from knowing I am His.

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