Legos Life Lesson

I loved playing with legos as a small child.  Yet considering that I usually started my construction projects in the middle of the highest traffic area in my house, they inevitably got broken.  Have you ever stepped on a Lego?  Now you can understand my parents’ pain.  This also might explain why I went to kindergarten so early.

Anyways, the thing with broken legos is that once I came back to see my little house lying in little pieces and bricks, I didn’t just pack them back in the box and move on to a new activity.  This was a chance at something new, something bigger, something better.  Soon, my dinky 10 by 15 Lego brick house became a towering hotel.  with attached parking garage.  and pet salon. and grocery store.

Brokenness feels like, well, it feels like your soul has just been smashed to smithereens.  Everything constant about yourself that used to give you peace and security is laying in little pieces on the ground and everyone around you is complaining that they hurt their poor little feet while stepping on the sharp shards of soul that used to be you.  Brokenness might feel like the end of the world.

It might just be the beginning of an even better world.  Everyone thinks their little Lego house is pretty sweet until they see the 5 star Hilton made of primary colors in brick form.  Perspective is everything.

Personally, I believe that you cannot have deep joy until you’ve experienced deep sorrow.   You can be ecstatic, excited, happy, but without having known what it is like to be apathetic, discouraged, and dismal you don’t know how beautiful joy truly is.  Joy must be appreciated in order for it to reach it’s full potential.

Maybe you are the towering hotel right now.  Just don’t forget that its the lows that got you this high.  If you are in shatters on the ground, feeling trampled and bruised, don’t go running back to your box to hide.  Let your brokenness build you.

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