Mesmerizing Mirages

The expanse of Lake Michigan fills my landscape.  Yet my eyes are focused only on one golden spot where the setting sun has imprinted itself on the lake.  It looks perfect and I have to resist the temptation to run down the 265 steps to the beach, hijack a kayak, and paddle to it.

Something more than the 265 steps deters me though.  There is no way to reach the mesmerizing glimmers.  By the time I get there, the sun will have set and the dancing lights will have disappeared.  In the meantime, I will have missed the sunset.

It’s hard not to remember all the sunsets I’ve missed in my life, chasing after an elusive golden patch of light.

There are goals that I was never meant to reach, a person I was never supposed to be.  So many mirages that I bet my life on being true only to find them not only unreachable, but non-existent.  I’ve exhausted myself over and over again in this impossible pursuit.

So, for at least today, I will rest and watch the sunsets in life.  It is impossible to capture it’s magnificence in words so here I will end and allow you to find your sunsets as well.

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