Divine Prank Calls

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    Back in the archaic days of landline phones, we used to get a lot of solicitors at my house.  Unlike most people trying to eat their dinner in peace, I found great joy after spotting company’s name on the caller id.  “Wallside Windows” it read. “Hello, this is Wallside Windows, how may I help you?” I chirped into the phone.  The confused salesman would mutter something about an extension problem and then hang up on me.  Reverse prank calling was my favorite.

    Going to a Christian college, the word “vocation” was thrown around like candy at a small-town parade.  You don’t need a job, you need a calling.  A divine purpose.  Which is great and definitely makes the job search process just as painful.  4 months out of college, and I’ve started to wonder.  Did God just prank call me?

    It’s the only logical answer to our little carefully laid plans starting to crumble.  The 5 year-plan just became the plan for only 5 days and the dreams might be clearer but the steps to achieving them just disappeared.

    But I just can’t believe that.  I don’t think God calls us to one place or job just as a joke.  I don’t think that we know our final “vocation” or “calling” at 21 or 22.  It doesn’t mean that the stints before figuring that out (shout out to my non-peers: do you ever figure that out?) are any less valuable, purposeful, or ordained by God.

    The next time we’re tempted to slam down the phone when it feels like “calling” just slid through our fingers again, think again.  God has us here (or in your case, there) for a reason which we may or may not figure out and our God does not want to know if your refrigerator is running.

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