You know you live in the suburbs of San Diego when..

  • Getting across town takes 30 minutes
  • There are 3 Costco’s within 10 miles of each other
  • The only snow you’ll encounter is a snow cone
  • There are 13+ hamburger joints in 1 sq. mile
  • You plant your garden in January
  • Bike lanes actually exist AND are used regularly AND also look like right-turn lanes (sorry, bikers!)
  • The oceans or the mountains this weekend? is a legitimate question
  • A doghouse costs as much as a small home back East
  • “Historic” means built in the last 30 years
  • The only legitimate form of entertainment is Disneyland (according to everyone)
  • The traffic is awful but if you complain, someone will always remind you it could be LA
  • Wine is plentiful but water is not

My husband and I both suffered from a bit of culture shock coming to Southern California from our Great Lakes background. As a friend once said and as we like to quote out of context incessantly, we are: “people of the ice.” We are having an absurd amount of fun in So Cal, but it’s spring already and it just isn’t as glorious when you haven’t endured months of icy tundra.

So all of you back east glaring at me through your computer screen as you shiver through winter, come visit!!

Until later,

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