As promised, I’ve copied down my recipe(s) for what I use as a face wash/astringent. When I still used a store-bought wash, I’d use this at night after washing my face before bed.  As I stopped using the store-bought variety, I would use this 1x a day to keep bacteria away and inflammation down.  Nowadays, I just use it when I feel a blemish coming on or after an extra hard work out.

The great thing about using apple cider vinegar and witch hazel (plus water) as your face wash is that you can always adjust the ratios to find what works for you.  Here’s the 3 varieties I use:

Everyday Use


1 part apple cider vinegar + 1 part witch hazel + 1 part water

Delicate Skin


1 part apple cider vinegar + 1 part witch hazel + 2 parts water

Removes Extra Redness


1 part apple cider vinegar + 2 parts witch hazel + 1 part water

These are the 3 recipes I most commonly use, but half the fun in home remedies is experimenting!  Since everyone has different skin, you’ll probably need to adjust the ratios to meet your skin’s needs.

Warning: If you make a batch and use it over the course of a few weeks, be sure to keep adding water.  The water evaporates over time, leaving a higher concentration of apple cider vinegar and witch hazel which can turn your face red.  If you apply this via a cotton ball, you’ll have nice rosy streaks all over your face for an hour.  Don’t freak out. It does go away and there’s no lasting damage.  You should also mix the solution regularly to avoid separations and a higher concentration of one ingredient over the others.

Happy mixing!

P.S. Apple cider vinegar is sold everywhere (Costco has great prices on the bulk organic stuff) and you can find Witch Hazel at any drugstore.  It’s cheapest at Walmart or Target.

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