Things I Believe

Usually, I would write a wordy rambling on each one of these.  My new goal for writing: be concise.  Here’s one of my first attempts to consolidate my thoughts.

Things I Believe

I am who I am, no matter who I’m with or where I am.

My peace is not grounded in knowing everything will work out in the end, but knowing that even if it doesn’t, God is still perfect in love and faithful to the end.

I am shaped by my past but not defined by it.

Compared to eternity, this life is very insignificant.

This life is insignificant when it comes to the things that don’t affect eternity.  Sharing God’s love and salvation and living out His will affect eternity and more than deserve my attention and effort.

I will often be wrong. It’s better to admit when you are wrong than try to defend a lost cause.

I am responsible to the people in my life, but not for them.

To live in blissful denial: don’t count the hours of sleep you get, cups of coffee you drink, or amount of time spent studying.

Being quiet and listening is as satisfying as getting to express yourself.

Thinking can both save and destroy you: use your thoughts wisely.

Being busy isn’t a sign of productivity, achievement, or success. Nor does God use it to determine our worth.

Balance is beautiful.

People are worth it, every time.  Love is always worth the pain of caring.

If I won’t give up on the people in my life, I won’t give up on myself either.

Basing your self-perception off of how you interact with others is only half of who you are, a little introspection goes a long way.