Grove City Standard Time

I have exactly four minutes to write this.  Welcome to Grove City Standard Time.  Activities that imagesCARR51YAused to take you an hour have about 10 minutes of scheduled time to get done.  You will manage your time or you will lose it, along with your sanity.  Yet even though the time has compressed and the clock’s hands seem to be racing to see who can get there fastest, there is no other time zone I’d rather be in. It’s amazing what you can get done in a minute when a minute is all the time you have.

Life at this speed is insane, impossible, exhausting, but also beautiful and precious.  We have such a short and undetermined time to be here.  This isn’t a race to run you raggard but one to run with dilligence while resting in God’s peace and ultimate sovereignty.  For as much as I’d like to think I can do, I am completely useless without Him.

My time is up for now, but I’ll be back.

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